April 2014

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How many more daughters of Pakistan will be defiled before we wake up?

By talking about Sharia, the TTP, despite committing many acts of terrorism, is ...

The freedom of the media is at stake in Karachi

Emperor ascended the throne with old recipes of nirvana, ‘Tame the ...


In Pakistan, nine women were raped, on average, every day for the last five years. Then why is everyone turning a blind eye to these horrors?

The government delayed taking preemptive measures and providing timely relief to the poor people of Thar and their livestock

It’s all about the survival of the fittest

“Don’t try to become a journalist. It’s a dangerous profession in Pakistan,” my late father said this to me three decades ago when I was still a college student

Brings the Soviet invasion back to life


In urgent need of reform


Trying to stay relevant, Dasti picks the wrong vice


A shocking tale of corruption and mismanagement within the port


There are only two burn units servicing all of Lahore. How will the government ...


Do we idolize our heroes for their talents or only for the free handouts they ...


The master of the talk show circus has a gargantuan ego and is subject to ...

Porsche Pakistan presented the Porsche Polo Diaries Fashion Show that featured 15 of ...

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Khalid Iqbal: The father of modern realism in landscape painting in Pakistan

History is turned around as the author explores a fresh writing style in her ...

A giant leap in broadband internet penetration

Sterling T20 World Cup performances

So says the chief operating officer of Orient – the oldest as well as the largest of advertising ...

Pitfalls and perils for Pakistan of Saudi, Iranian, Qatari divide

All for stability of Afghanistan

All is not as well on the economic front as Ishaq Dar would have us and IMF ...

The rate of deforestation in Pakistan is the highest in the world. Unless this ...